Joona Haatainen


Are you a sales-minded digital native? We need you!

Do you have a strong sales experience in the field of digital media? Do you love the world of online video? Got an awesome attitude and mad team-working skills?We offer you an exciting opportunity in one of the coolest media growth companies in the Nordics. Responsible for the sales function of Troot Sweden, your job is to conceptualize and sell influencer marketing and other digital advertising solutions for a variety of clients.In addition to working together with a cool bunch of passionate people, we give you a real possibility to develop and implement strategic sales in an inspirational environment. We expect you to have a degree in media, marketing or sales. Fluency in data-driven multimedia planning is vital for the job, as is having a wide existing network of media agency contacts. You have a strong background in developing and selling media solutions and you understand the world of online video. Above all, we hope you to be enthusiastic and self-motivated.Troot Network consists of some of the best YouTube creators and influencers in the Nordics. We produce live performances, tours and YouTube-led social media content marketing campaigns for clients such as Pepsi, Microsoft, Telia and Unilever.We can’t wait to hear from you so please send your cover letter and CV to or +46 700-433 477. The right candidate will be hired asap.

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Stefani Kirilova


How to tell a brand story on social media?

As a species we’re drawn to stories. That’s why we have books, movies, music, stand-up comedy & podcasts - to get our daily story fix. We connect with each other by telling and listening to tales, experiences, conflicts and resolutions.
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Stefani Kirilova


Social Media Strategy in practice

It’s 2021. By this point social media has been around for a while and everyone AND their grandma is on it. It’s a space where people connect, share ideas, start movements and influence culture. Things are constantly happening, algorithms are changing and new features are added almost daily to accommodate brand presence and to help influence people’s purchasing decisions. 
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