Joona Haatainen


Renewed Troot is a full service influencer agency!

Troot has been renewed! As a creative, multichannel influencer agency, we seamlessly combine our expertise in influential marketing, content concepts and events. From now on, Troot is known as a Nordic Creative Influencer Agency, which promises its customers true influence. We have also revamped our website and our name will catchily be just Troot, with the Network word being dropped off (and our emails hence shorten! :))We believe that visible results come by long-term, carefully planned and multichannel solutions. We have crystallized our services under five entities to match the current situation of the field and our offering better. Our new service called Strategic solutions helps companies to stand out from the constant stream of content. Due to our strong expertise, we are able to provide strategic insight and holistic ways to influence different audiences.Our team has also expanded! We’ve recruited new experts from sales and communications to further strengthen our overall expertise. More about this and our new service soon, stay tuned!

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Stefani Kirilova


How to tell a brand story on social media?

As a species we’re drawn to stories. That’s why we have books, movies, music, stand-up comedy & podcasts - to get our daily story fix. We connect with each other by telling and listening to tales, experiences, conflicts and resolutions.
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Stefani Kirilova


Social Media Strategy in practice

It’s 2021. By this point social media has been around for a while and everyone AND their grandma is on it. It’s a space where people connect, share ideas, start movements and influence culture. Things are constantly happening, algorithms are changing and new features are added almost daily to accommodate brand presence and to help influence people’s purchasing decisions. 
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