The influencer and marketing strategy is always based on the brand's business goals. The strategy work defines clear goals, KPI´s, roles and practices for the use of influencers and social media as part of marketing communications plan. An effective strategy ensures effective social media marketing. Utilizing data, trends and target group analyzes, we create effective and efficient multi-channel strategies for influencer marketing. The effectiveness is measured and analyzed with indicators relevant to our customers.

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Social media strategy is what connects your business’ goals to your audience’s needs. Without a strategy your content creation efforts can become sporadic, without clear intent, inconsistent and confusing, especially if social media is not your primary focus or skill. Having a strategy helps you tell your brand story in an engaging way and build a relationship with your audience. This will ultimately increase your company’s market share and in turn - your revenue.

At Troot we have a team of experts who will take a deep dive into your business’ goals, your competitors current online presence and define clear opportunities for development and improvement. We can develop engagement strategies and tactics that are not only native to each individual social media channel but also fit together like a puzzle supporting your main objective, whether that’s sales, brand awareness, employee branding or something else entirely.

Our focus while creating your business’ online presence strategy will be on the following points:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Buyer persona development
  • Channel distribution tactics
  • Content themes and/or concept creation
  • Tone of Voice and Visual guidelines
  • Influencer marketing strategy + personas
  • Paid social recommendations

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions to best fit your business’ needs. We can negotiate the scope of strategy and add or take away different elements of it in order to create something that truly works for you.

In addition to social media strategy for your own channels, we also specialize in all things influencer strategy and marketing-related.

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