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How to take influencer marketing to the next level

According to Gartner's latest digital marketing and advertising Hype Cycle, influencer marketing is now at the stage where it must prove the significance of its existence. Impressions and engagement alone are not enough, influencer marketing must deliver results that drive business goals.Here are some concrete ways to make influencer marketing more effective.

1. Create series instead of individual posts

The impact of influencer marketing is based on leveraging the unique relationship between influencer and audience. Instead of buying a single post, you might want to create a content series with an influencer, for example. At its best, the series helps to build an interesting content phenomenon as well as natural repetition in the target audience. One frequency rarely leads to a purchase decision.

2. Distribute with paid media

At the latest in the content design phase, it is worthwhile to consider the use of paid advertising in the influencer’s channels; these days mere organic visibility is rarely enough. It's a good idea to support the distribution of quality content for example with YouTube advertising or with the branded content ads on Instagram. This will help you reach a broader audience more cost-effectively. In addition, with a familiar face and social media native content, you will often gain greater attention value.

3. Remember the tactical tail

Frequently an advertiser strives to solve all their challenges with a single post. Unfortunately, this does not work. When each content has a planned place and role in the whole mediamix, the message gets through much better. For example, once a YouTube video has been created in an engaging context, it is possible to drive viewers to an online store through Instagram Stories posts or YouTube remarketing.Do you want to take influencer marketing to the next level? Contact

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